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To help our Clients plan their futures by creating an environment that encourages the communication of ideas.


To create design solutions that are appropriate for our Client’s facilities and exercise competence in the integration of spaces and materials.


To provide leadership for our Clients projects and develop long term professional partnerships with them.


To deliver quality professional services at every stage of the project.


To interact with all parties to the project with professional respect and attitude that acknowledges their roles, responsibilities, rights and dignity.

Accumulators, Inc.


Competence – We have provided our services on a  on a wide range of project types and sizes.  Our emphasis is on the highest quality design and management of the entire process to meet our Client’s primary goals; creative design, budget and schedule.

Aesthetics – PDH+A has always been in the forefront of architecture. We care about design; our projects show it and our attitude shows it. Our clients’ needs are what we focus on, not building monuments to our creativity.

Economy – We focus on the budget and time constraints to bring projects in on budget and on time. Our experience working with Contractors and Construction Managers enables us to deliver.


Communication – The Architect cannot do it alone. From programming, design to project delivery and beyond, it is on integrated process of teamwork, communication and coordination with clients, users, and consultants.

Challenges  - Design of facilities that work with the site and maximizes its attractive characteristics, strong project control to meet budget and schedule goals, predictability through an approach of low-risk with high potential for complete success in all aspects of a project.

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